Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where to start?

I feel like someone just shouted, "Start your engines!"

WORK: School started this last week. It wasn't a stressful week, but in visiting each school (I have 4 contracts again this year), I was able to get an idea of what our year is going to look like as it kicks off. Each school has a bunch of changes, some are great, others, while not necessarily horrible, have been filed under "we'll see how this all works out". Overall, I'm choosing to be optimistic about this school year. I'm excited to have my employee, Tia, working with me again this year. She's a great girl and I'm THRILLED that I don't have to train her this year like I had to last year! She's already set to go! She's started her masters program, which now makes her an intern. Tia is now able to help with the testing and IEP's, so that's good, but it also means that I will have to train her for that. It also means I'll have to be willing to let go of a little control... we'll see how that works out!

KIDS: The boys also started school this week. They both seem excited about their teachers and I need to get in there to meet the teachers and all that jazz. I'm a little nervous about this year for Andy (4th grade is a crucial and transitional year), but again... choosing optimism! Charlie is also starting preschool this year and as far as he is concerned, it can't start soon enough! It's KILLING him that he has to wait until Sept 8th... therefore, it's killing Paul and me as well! I can't believe how fast they're growing up. I'm not the mother of babies anymore, but I'm excited about being the mother of little boys. This is a fun phase. Listening to all three boys sing the Glee version of "Dream On" at the top of their lungs this afternoon made me say to Paul, "we have the coolest little kids!"

PAUL: No changes to report, but I didn't want to leave such an important person off the checklist. He's awesome; I love him; pretty sure I'll keep him around!

HOUSE: Nothing to report. Nothing's happening. Haven't had a showing since the first week of listing it. I'm not even trying to keep it uncluttered anymore! Obviously, we have it priced too high. I think we could sell it pretty quick if we wanted to take a minor $10,000 hit on it, but since we don't want to do that right now, we're planning on letting the listing expire and saving up some moolah (or paying the mortgage down) and trying again later.

SOCCER: Ugh. 4 games a week plus practices. Again, I exclaim, "Ugh." It is fun, however, to see that they're finally starting to understand the game better and they're trying harder than ever before. I guess I better be optimistic about this soccer season, because next year, Charlie will be playing too! Ugh.

STAMPING: Still love it, still doing it. Between my stamp club and card exchange, I make at least 50 cards a month. I actually did some scrapbooking last night while Paul took the boys to the Father/Sons campout. Funny story though. I wanted to get a group together at our church, but they've just refinished the gym floor. Fumes anyone? Then maybe at my house, but I wanted to be able to invite a lot of people. Solution = the lodge. There were just a few of us (so I COULD have held it at my house) but we were having fun. At least until about 10:30 when the power went out because a tree fell on the power line. For the record, it's really hard to scrapbook in the dark! But we got some lanterns and pressed forward for a few more hours! I had a great time, but didn't get many pages done!

ATHLETICS: It happened again. Relay races have a 2-0 record for burning out any further desire in me to run! I've only gone running twice since Ragnar. I really want to do the Turkey Triathlon in November though, so ask me how my training is going. Hopefully by the time someone asks me, I'll have started training by then! Paul's fallen off the wagon as well... so we BOTH need to get our butts moving. Mine is currently growing due to a lack of exercise and discipline in my diet. My fear of gaining the weight back is happening and I'm annoyed with myself. I think I've gotten over the pain of Ragnar by now and can finally learn to enjoy short bursts of physical torture again! Also, the construction on our road is wrapping up, so I may actually feel comfortable riding my bike outside soon! Now that school has started, I should be able to focus my schedule to include workouts. I'm a prime example of Newton's law that an object in motion stays in motion. I have a tendency to shut all engines down over the summer, kind of like a yearly "reboot" for my system. But now that things are scheduled and regimented, I need to rid myself of lame excuses.

So, the engines are running again and life is back to "normal". I've been able to do a lot of reflecting lately and I'm reminded again how blessed I am in life. How peaceful I feel to realize that I have all the tools necessary in life to be happy. Life is good. Hope you are feeling the same.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Digi-scrappin time

I'm dreading the fact that school is starting up again next week. This summer has FLOWN by and I'm just not ready to head back to work! I haven't had nearly enough time to get bored!

So what did I do yesterday? I spent the ENTIRE day digital scrapbooking. At our family reunion in June, we had some awesome portraits taken by our family's "go-to photographer," Merideth Dunning. Megan picked the color scheme and we met at Cheeseman Park in Denver to take pictures at the pillars. We got the pictures back about a month ago and I was itching to play around with Stampin' Up!'s digital software (My Digital Studio) and put an album together. Here are some of the pages I did.

Each family has a second page that goes with it. I'm going to have them printed out so I can have an actual album to flip through. It was time consuming, but a lot of fun!