Monday, October 25, 2010

gonna look so good!

I did something fun today. In honor of Halloween, I got to go play dress up... and it was so fun! With most holidays, I'm not a big celebrator. My poor children are destined for an underwhelming life. I pray that they marry women who were raised in families that make big deals out of holidays so that they can see how the other half live.

Every year, we have a big halloween party at the lodge. It's really my sis-in-law, Amy's brainchild and I make some of the goodies (and usually handle the invitations but Amy even took care of those this year!) and invite people to OUR halloween party! It's actually a very fun event each year. Costumes are encouraged for all partygoers, though, and this is often the hardest part.

But not this year!

I know this awesome girl named Michelle. I grin and chuckle when I even think of her because she's so cool. She used to live across the street from us and all I really knew about her was that she was super spunky & fun and that she and her husband have a corset/costume making business. I also know she managed to have the COOLEST halloween costumes each year at the ward trunk or treat, but had no idea how big her business was or how awesome her product is until today. Woah!!

Melanie (another sis-in-law who does a ton of work for this party) and I were talking yesterday about our costume dilemmas and I mentioned to her that I was hoping to track down Michelle's number to see if she could outfit me for the weekend, and I asked Mel if she wanted in. So I called Michelle this morning and she was so sweet to say, "sure, come on over!" With Melanie's two little boys in tow, we got to witness behind the scenes of their company "Damsel in This Dress" - clever name, ya?! It was so cool.

Check out her website: Damsel in this Dress
Or her blog... cuz she's really quite fun and crazy!
We each tried on one outfit and I'll get to be wearing something along the lines of this corset (a courtier bodice):

but with totally different colors (red & green) and a full-length green skirt. I also borrowed a KILLER outfit for Paul which he will look AWESOME in (once we find him some black opaque tights ;)!

So watch for the pictures next week (because I THINK I can manage doing more than one blog post a month). I can't wait to put the whole outfit together with the hair and gaudy jewelry & stuff! What are you dressing up as?!